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Antique Floor Lamp With Clock

This Antique floor lamp With Clock is a first-rate addition to your room, this lamp is fabricated of matte black metal and offers an Antique brass look to it. The metal adjuster can be removed for easy.

Cheap Antique Floor Lamp With Clock

This Antique floor lamp With Clock is a beautiful addition to each room, the Clock is a nice touch and make the room more personalized. This lamp is a top-of-the-line gift for any collector or collector's item user, the lamp is fabricated of heavy weight wood and it features searchlight Clock companytime-life shade. The shade is manufactured of brass With a dark brown band, the lamp also gives a small battery grater on the side that can be used to remove the ebony Clock from the shade. The lamp is direct electric and features battery grater for removing the ebony Clock from the shade, this antiques and miniature floor lamp With a clockwork engine is terrific for any room in your home! The clean, modern design is sure to break sales records, and the 60 in. Bronze finish is terrific for the outdoors, from the living room to the family room, nautical search light With floor lamp is sure to be a popular addition to room. This is a vintage Antique floor lamp With Clock and national aeronautics and space on the side, the lamp is in very good condition With no or other issues. The top provides original Clock hands, and the bottom extends two brass clappers, the clappers are in good condition and the motor is still working. The motor imparts a few issues, but is still in good condition, the overall length is about shoulder-width of the clappers, and the height is about 1/4". The light is about modern human eyesight, and the lamp is plastic, the base is plastic also. The lamp is marked " national aeronautics and space ", the light is further marked " antiques ". The lamp is listed on ebay as is.