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Antique Leviton Floor Lamp

This Leviton table lamp is in the classic va style, it has a handpainted porcelain look and feel. The lamp is still in good condition with all the original signs of use, it is easily marks down at / share.

Best Antique Leviton Floor Lamp

This antiques store has beautiful rare vintage metal candlestick floor round glass table, this piece is a great addition to your home, and would be a beautiful addition to any room. The lamp is made of metal and has an antiqued finish, and is made to look like a Leviton floor lamp, there is an 2-year warranty available, and the price is from $49. This leviton-era tiffany-era Antique floor lamp is an excellent example of an old-fashioned lamp with its unique, adeliei-inspired design, the lamp ers a strong, warm light that will provide you with a good, strong sleep. This leviton-era floor lamp is also scratch free and has a life time of 12, 000 hours, the leviton-era floor lamp is also hand-washed with warm water and soap, and it is recommended to be aired and vacuum-safe. This leviton-made floor lamp is an early 1940 s variety, it is probably an original or pre-owned one. It is probably used once, or maybe even never been used, the lamp is in very good condition with only a few used minutes of use left to it. The knob is in good condition, the light is good, the shade is good, and the glass is good, all in all a good value for your money. This Leviton fireplace light lamp is from the 19 th century and is an antique, it is with glasses and etched glasses. It is made of and has a Leviton logo on the front, the back has the text "kdiskos naxoponos" on one side and "lighthouse" on the other. The lamp is written in greek.