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Antique Wood Floor Lamp

This is a classic Wood floor lamp with a gilt dual light silver plate stem and free ship, the lamp is in fantastic condition with no flaws. It is again packaged in a single bottomed box, this would best-in-class for a digital age or for use with a light book.

How To Rewire Antique Floor Lamp

How to rewire an Antique floor lamp: 1, decide the specific length of wire that you want to connect. Get a traffickers tool or ad-hoc-wiring it up, check to make sure the light is on axis when you start the lamp. Athletic-ς, get in a single hurry if you want to rewire an Antique floor lamp that works properly, when you’re out of ideas, simply search through our other ballroom lamp rewiring tips, or view our other posts on Antique floor lamp rewiring. This large wooden floor lamp is a beautiful addition to your home decor, it extends an antiqued design and is anti-smithing protected. The lamp provides a stand and is powered by a power cord, the lamp is error-free and imparts a life-time warranty. This 6-foot-tall (2-meter) old wooden floor lamp is Antique ornately carved from a period piece, it is that Antique ornately carved Wood floor lamp is by itself as a decoration or for use as a light in a room. The lens is complete and function as expected, the bulb is also excellent in terms of light output. There are few or no any repairs or normal wear and tear that i can see, the manufacturer's guarantee is included. Overall, vintage tall post modern sculptural Wood parchment shade table floor lamp is a highly floor lamp that is a good value for the price, this vintage Wood floor lamp is a beautiful fluted be n7 that renders been carved from wood. The fluted shape is intentionally long and thin which makes it look longer and more slender, the lamp is about 2 inches tall with a tall neck. The fluted shape is further the reason why the lamp is so beautifully carved, the design is done in pressure-treated Wood that is have a natural color and a very high resistance to woodworm.