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Edris Metal Globe Floor Lamp

This beautiful floor lamp is fabricated of Metal and extends a sleek milky style, it is an unequaled addition to room, and its gentle light is sensational for night absorbent tasks. The brushed nickel finish is top-notch for a modern feel, and the nickel finish is stylish and sturdy, this lamp is further uncomplicated to set up and imparts a simple design. The Metal Globe floor lamp is a top alternative for a quick project, or for long lasting use.

Edris Metal Globe Floor Lamp Amazon

This target project imparts a Metal Globe floor lamp, brushed nickel finish, the lamp is toxin free and renders a light weight design. The lamp is adjustable and fits into a base of granite or hardwood, this lamp peerless for a modern or classic home. This target project contains a beautiful Metal Globe floor lamp with a sleek brushed nickel finish, the lamp provides a comfortable two-tone finish that is sure to offer you and cathedral-style light up. Each light post is hand-etched with the Metal logo, and the lamp imparts a satisfied ashtray logo on the base, the lamp is packed with environmentally friendly materials and features and comes with a trade-in for target project approval. The lamp is brushed nickel, and it is likewise available in 2498 colors, it is a target project for shoppers who wish to add a new touch of luxury to their home. This target project renders a Metal Globe floor lamp with a brushed nickel finish, the lamp power and dimming levels, and is top-of-the-heap for a room with a busy atmosphere. The lamp is functioning perfectly, with no issues having been had while in the house, the lamp as well lightweight and basic to carry around.