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Floor Lamp Base Repair

If you’re in need of a replacement Base for your old floor lamp, we have a fantastic solution! The cast iron Base is large and wide enough to suit most floor lamps, while the wood pole is durable and fun if in need of a new post, this is a first-rate purchase for your old lamp.

Cheap Floor Lamp Base Repair

This is a14 cm thick walled iron lamp Base with a black harp shade on each side and a screw on top, the Base is able to hold any type of lamp including table floor lights. The harp shade is manufactured from heavy duty plastic and provides a comfortable design, it is furthermore effortless to clean and is dandy for holding any type of lamp. This is a floor lamp Base that is too big and needs to be fixed, you can find this product on this org in the Repair section. We are sorry to say that we do not have any reviews of this product yet, please if you have any others that may help us. If the floor lamp Base is damaged or missing its finish, we can Repair it or order a new one, we will need to take off the old Base and replace it with a new one. This job will require removing the old relays, screws and investments, we can also need to remove the old light and replace it with a new one. The floor lamp Base is older than any of our products and may have since been replaced by a more expensive and less sturdy version, our floor lamp Base is still an excellent product because it can be replaced even if only a small portion of the Base is left whole. The floor lamp Base provides a detachable harp with Base that helps keep your table light on and also provides some extra light in an old or weak light room.