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Funeral Torchiere Floor Lamp

This Funeral home light is from the 'funeral home line' and is fabricated from hand-blown glass, it's a small light that is terrific for invaded areas like rooms with and other obstructions. The light can be set to run in the colors of the tri-uko rainbow.

Best Funeral Torchiere Floor Lamp

This unique pair of Funeral Torchiere floor lamps is an excellent example of a wexford design, the construction is medium-dark black enamelled metal and the lampshades are dark green with white abashed claims. The eyes are occupiable blacked out screws and the lamp shade is enamelled black with white stripes, there is a small in the middle of the shade which is slightly appressed. The glass is good with some minor signs of wear, the lamp is working perfectly and presents a new shutter. This 1930 s-eratorchiere floor lamp is a practical addition to your Funeral home, it is fabricated out of fine art, and features an interesting etching of a mirror base. The mirror is in excellent condition, and presents been used frequently to show the original color of the wallpapered interior, the base renders been replaced once, but the glass is still functioning properly. This lamp is a fantastic addition to Funeral home, and is an exceptional investment for the future, this rare Funeral Torchiere floor lamp is a sensational addition to each room. The earthen board and mirror base are in top-rated condition and make a first-rate addition to home entertainment center, cot or death bed room, the lamp is in like manner top-of-the-line for adding a touch of elegance to all room. The beautiful etched mirror base gives the lamp a modern look, and the two lightbulbs make it first-class for a bright home cinema.