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Gisele Crystal Floor Lamp

This is an excellent gift for the paranormal investigating family! This Crystal floor lamp by is an outstanding addition to your home and will add a touch of luxury to all room, the unique design is sure to turn a room into a favored spot for paranormal investigators.

Bridgeport Designs Gisele 3 Arm Floor Lamp With Crystal Beaded Shades

This bridgeport designs 3 arm floor lamp with Crystal beaded shades is sensational to add a touch of elegance to room, the high quality materials and workmanship make 3 arm floor lamp is unique and exceptional for any discerning customer. The Crystal floor lamp is a beautiful 3-arm floor lamp led accent lighting steel shade w Crystal beads chrome finish, this floor lamp is top-of-the-heap for any room where you may need a little light. The lens with ruby characteristics make Crystal 3 arm floor lamp is a best-seller, and it works with any type of light, this floor lamp grants an on-off switch and an 3-arm design that makes it uncomplicated to control. The lamp provides a life-time warranty, and is a quality product, this beautiful woman with the desire in her eyes is waiting for you in the shadows. She is about to get lamp, the lamp that she extends always wanted, this innovative and innovative lamp is excellent for a dusk-to- dawn environment. The 3 arm design ensures top-of-the-heap light delivery, while the polished finish ensures that bridgeport designs 3 arm floor lamp is look its best even when the room is dark.