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Marble Base Floor Lamp

This arc floor lamp is a great choice for an office gwspy. With a versatile floor switch and stable marble base, this lamp can be turned into a bedtime or work buddy. Let the room be your personal office by using this arc floor lamp.

Floor Lamp With Marble Base

If you're looking for a floor lamp that will make your room look its best, look no further than the marble base of this lamp. This lamp has a luxe finish that will make your guests feel like they're in a high-end setting without breaking the bank.

Vintage Marble Base Floor Lamp

This clark's modern black arc floor lamp on black marble base76-inch height is a perfect way to add a touch of luxury to any room. The lamp is made with high-quality black marble base and features a modern black arc light design. It is perfect for a quiet room or the heart of a more formal setting. The lamp is also shipping for only $6. 99 on this model. this marble floor lamp base has a sleek white marble base and a 7112 brush steel arching floor lamp light. The base is perfect for adding a touch of luxury to your home décor. The arching light and sleek white base make this lamp perfect for any room in your home. this is a unique, vintage torchiere floor lamp with a beautiful glass shade and marble base. It is and old-fashioned style, with a floor lamp that is great for any room. The lamp has a nice, high quality look to it and is very easy to operate. This is a great floor lamp for any room. this black marble floor lamp is perfect for your living room. It has a 70-degree curve which makes it easy to fold up for small spaces or bring down for a larger crowd. The shelves at the back of the lamp help install the lamp without any hassle. The lamp has a simple design that is perfect for any room in your home. You can add or remove the shelves to create the perfect balance of privacy and distraction.