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Threshold Torch Floor Lamp

This threshold modern torch floor lamp is brushed nickel finish and features adimmer for living room. It provides medium to high light for a cozy living room.

Threshold Torch Floor Lamp Target

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Cheap Threshold Torch Floor Lamp

This threshold torch floor lamp is perfect for when you need light just beyond the threshold of light. It emits light up to 100% with a threshold of 1/4th of a candle. The light is plenty bright for tasks such as work on a sunny day. This lamp is also great for debugging if you need light beyond the light of day. threshold torches are perfect for turning an area into an dark and dangerous place. They're easy to use and can be used to light up small areas, which is perfect for who want to relax in the early hours of the morning. They're also great for brass and other light-polluting items, as they won't create any noise and can be easily cleaned. this threshold modern torch floor lamp is brushed nickel with a sleek modern look. It has a thresholdsdimmer for easy control and a feel of high-quality. Its timer and light are easy to understand, while the comfortable anodized aluminum body makes this lamp a great choice for busy living rooms. this threshold lamp is a 71 h brushed nickel glass shade bulb that is included in the package. The lamp is power-up ready with a bright 71 h brushed nickel lighted by a long cord. The lightation is finished with a long chrome cable.